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Ekubirojs by Nunez Communications WordPress websiteEkubirjos.lv is a WordPress website designed in November, 2015 in Riga, Latvia, using a premium theme -Divi- and free plugins. This is a multilingual project in English and Latvian and it is a website for a Latvian NGO working on managing projects for renovation of buildings in Baltic countries. They already had a website, but it was a very rigid one and they were only allowed to publish more content, but they could not change the design, add new sections, and so on, and they needed some much more flexible.

At the same time, they wanted to use the website as a way to be contacted by people wanted to get information about different projects they develop, and also they wanted to use the website as a document database and an information website where to publish news related with events and information about building renovation.

One of the goal in this project was to offer a flexible solution easy to manage in a multilingual scenario with different levels of permissions to edit the website content, because the organization team should be able to update the website by themselves. So we decided to use WordPress as CMS because no technical knowledgement is required to maintain a WordPress website and because we had all the multilingual potential required. Also, we decided to use WordPress because the budget was not very high and this NGO wanted to taste this CMS in order to be able to apply in other projects funded by EU where they had to use open source software for its website. So we bet for a free CMS, a premium theme and free plugins -including multilingual management, security reinforcement and SEO management-. In this case, after the first investment of 80€ for the premium theme, the only year payment would be because of domain and hosting, so 70€ approximately.

This website has a responsive design and it is constantly updated by NGO team.

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