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Henryk Witkowsky by Nunez Communications WordPress websiteLet me introduce you to this new project – Henryk Witkowsky, private tourist guide at Riga. This is a very simple website in English to show some of the excursions that this tourist guide offers to the clients in the city of Riga, Latvia.

What about the project?

To develop this project, we have used our favorite CMS – WordPress. As usually, we have chosen the theme GeneratePress Pro, a very light, responsive and SEO friendly theme that allows us to design almost everything we desire.

As page builder, we have used Elementor. In our opinion, Elementor is right now the best page builder for WordPress. But, of course, we always keep an eye in the market, because digital world is always running fast.

In order to show the different tours offered by our private guide, we have used the plugin WP Show Posts, developed by Tom Usborne, the developer or GeneratePress. This a very light plugin that offers us the possibility to show posts in different pages and formats. We are right now using it in several projects that we will show in our website very soon.

What about the future for this project?

Currently, this website is in English, but this project will become bigger in content and in languages. This means that we will continue developing it probably in Latvian, Russian, Italian and German. In all our previous multilingual projects, we have used Polylang to create content in different languages. That is why we will continue using it if we don’t find anything better that fits our standards.

Why do we use WordPress?

In the next future, more excursions will be added to this project. We love WordPress because is very scalable. Actually, it allows us to become bigger and bigger without any problem or issue.

This is one of the reasons why WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in the world. It also allows us to program automatic backups in order to be protected against any kind of problems and to manage the content in a very simple way.

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