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San Martin Valencia Nunez Communications WordPress websiteSanMartinValencia.es is a WordPress website that we designed in October, 2013 in Spanish. This was our first project, so we are very proud of it. It is a website for a Catholic Parish in Valencia, Spain. They wanted to place some news periodically as well as some events and advertisements about special activities in the Parish.

At the same time, they wanted to use the website as a way to contact with the parish. Right now there is quite big amount of people who contact them for information about different activities and cults related with the Catholic practice, as catechesis, baptisms, weddings, conferences and courses.

One of the goal in this project was to offer a solution for non techies, because the priest is in charge of update the content of the website. So we decided to use WordPress as CMS because no technical knowledge is required to maintain a WordPress website. Also, we decided to use WordPress because the budget was as low as possible. We bet for a free CMS, a free theme and free plugins -including events management, security reinforcement and SEO management-. In this case, they pay just for hosting and domain, so 70€ approximately.

They have been using this website for almost 3 years. We will update this site soon to provide them with an easier system to build the structure of the homepage -right now the system uses widgets for home page, so is not a very easy system in the way of WYSIWYG-.

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